What is a Home Designer?
  A home designer is first and foremost a professional familiar with all facets of the building trade, whose plans and designs represent the particular needs, style and budget of the client. Our approach to any problem is based on practical, functional and economical solutions that will best fulfill your requirements, while translating these factors into a concept that is both aesthetic and utilitarian.
What is the difference between a Home Designer and an Architect?
  Both are well qualified to do residential design. We believe you can get a great quality home design without needing to pay the Architect price.
How long does it take to design a custom home?
  This can vary by customer and home. Generally we say that we like to go the same pace as you: Fast, Faster & Fastest! Those who know what they want and are anxious to get going can expect their completed set of plans in 2-4 weeks, depending size, design, and our workload. Those who want to take their time and really nail down the details tend to take a little longer, probably 2-3 months. All of our floor plans and home designs are created with the highest standard of quality. Each set of plans goes through a comprehensive check process to ensure accuracy.
How do you charge for a custom design?
  We base pricing on the square footage of a project: 50 cents per square foot for finished areas, and 25 cents per square foot for an unfinished basement, garage, or screen porch. We can give an estimate based on a standard bungalow.
Is there an initial consultation fee?
  No, we're happy to sit down and discuss your wish list and budget at no cost to you; however, a deposit may be required at the start of your project.
What should I bring or how should I prepare for my initial consultation?
  Please come prepared to discuss your budget goals, needs and site requirements. Gather design ideas from our website, home design magazines and other sources (if you haven't already). Have a written list of rooms, function of each space and what it should be near. All of these will be essential in determining what kind of project is structurally and financially feasible. We will be able to determine your style preferences from this visit.
How quickly can I get a set of floor plans for my bank?
  Banks do not typically need a full working set of floor plan drawings to conduct their appraisal for the construction loan. Therefore, once we have completed the floor plan and elevations, we can provide you a set of plans to give to your bank.
What are building codes and what do I need to know about them?
  Building codes are the written documents that establish minimum standards that must be conformed to in residential or commercial construction. We will check with the local building inspector to see which codes have been adopted by the municipality in which you plan to build.
Can you tell me how much it will cost to build my home?
  We have a good understanding of what options will save you money over others. If you are looking for specific cost breakdowns, you will need to have your plans bid by a general contractor or sub-contractors.
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