Really, this is simple: we aim to give you a design for YOUR dream home!

The challenge of each project is not only to make the home design functional, but to also attain a home design that "works" and is visually appealing, all while creatively exploring every home design possibility, and seeing that it meets your needs and expectations. We pay attention to overall scope of size, shape, and scale.

To accomplish this, we work side by side with you and create your design with a strong emphasis on accurate detail, scoping out every single one of your requests and wishes. We want to meet every home design aspect and need for you and your home, now and for the near future. We want you to be comfortable with us, and to be able to voice any concerns, ideas and questions. We like to keep the design process fun and exciting. In the end, we want to supply you with accurate, detailed, working house plans, all the while establishing a rewarding relationship.

All of this is usually best accomplished in our offices, but if we are providing plans for a renovation or addition, we will need to do an on-site visit to make sure we get all the details right the first time.

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Our job is not over until YOU feel at home!


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